Acorn Apparel helps college students stay chic

“I think what’s so special about Louisville is people appreciate individuality, it’s a pretty diverse and unique place,” says Sharon Sayger, owner and operator of Acorn Apparel, a vintage store located on Barrett Ave, right across from Lynn’s Paradise Café. Although Sayger only opened Acorn’s doors in April 2010, her store is filled to the brim with an eclectic array of “newer vintage” for guys and gals. The store has a very cool, very young and fresh casual vibe about it, the majority of the items are from the 60’s-80’s, filling the store with vintage t-shirts (the stores specialty), sequined dresses, suede fringed knee-high boots and the most amazing collection of hats and belts. Being in Acorn feels like the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s got together and created a truly epic love child.

Aside from the completely awesome, totally one of a kind items you will find in Acorn it should also be mentioned that Acorn Apparel is extremely affordable for students like ourselves. THERE IS A FIVE-DOLLAR RACK. That’s right, $5. On said rack one can find dresses, skirts, pants, sweaters, vests and even a girdle from the 50’s. Prices range from $10-$40 on most items in the store, “I believe everyone should have something vintage in their wardrobe!” says Sayger, “vintage can be very wearable…you can incorporate it into modern day.” Acorn’s affordable shoe collection varies from Western cowboy ankle boots to Mary Jane inspired kitten heels in sizes up to 13, there are crew neck sweaters, wool v-neck button downs, chunky patterned cashmere and cable knit pull over’s for the fall as well as every color leather jacket imaginable in a broad range of sizes…there really is a little bit of everything and very rarely will you find something for over $60.

Sayger gets the bulk of her items from estate sales and people who clean out their closets and bring her clothes, as a former retail buyer, she also bought and sold vintage clothes before she opened Acorn Apparel so she knows the ins and outs of vintage fashion. “I’ve found that people appreciate vintage clothing but sometimes are afraid of it…I hope I can make vintage accessible,” if one were to scan the store it may seem overwhelming to first time vintagers, but Sayger knows her way around the racks and is always eager to help, “when people put something on, if its right, something about them comes out…I love that.”

I encourage everyone to walk, run, bike, bus, drive your car, steal a friends car or get a ride to Acorn Apparel, I can guarantee it will be worth your while. Not only are you bound to find something you’ve never seen before but it is almost completely guaranteed that no one else you know will have something like it, that’s one of the beauties of vintage, its one of a kind, not to mention extremely affordable.

Get your vintage on and go visit Sharon at Acorn Apparel, located at 981 Barrett Ave, right across the street from Lynn’s Paradise Café. Store hours are Mon-Sat 11am-7pm and Sundays 12-5pm. I promise you wont regret it.

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