Bellarmine Alumni Fashionista Gets Personal

Awesome Alum Stats:

Sales Representative at Warner Chilcott

Designer/Owner of “Eglantine Starre” a line of luxury scarves making debut end of this year.

Designer/Owner of “Odele Wathen” an upscale clothing line launching Autumn 2012 Collection in Spring of 2012

Freelance Fashion Model/Stylist/Editor

Creative Director/Fashion Stylist for “Fall into Fabulous,” the annual fall fashion show of the Younger Women’s Club of Louisville.

Its 2am, you’re hungry…what are you craving? Pretzels covered in Frank’s Red Hot and a huge glass of skim milk. Soooo delicious!

Pastels or neon? I am a fashion chameleon; it’s against my religion to choose one or the other.

Your house is on fire (sadly) what is the one thing you grab from your closet?

My first Balenciaga bag! It holds so much sentimental value. The person who gave me this gift had a monumental impact on my life and helped me in so many ways to become a person that I genuinely like. The day I was given that bag was the day I knew I would not only be a part of the fashion world, but someday rule it. I’ve been working toward that in some way ever since.

Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone!! I’m a Mac girl!

Tea or coffee? Coffee. I am addicted, literally. I drink coffee at all hours of the day and night. Extra love for lattes, cappacuinos — basically anything with espresso. Heine Bros has Cocoa Puffs with steamed milk and espresso, wowzers!!

What trait do you deplore in others? Self-righteousness

What trait do you deplore in yourself? Self-doubt

Bagel or donut? I eat donuts man, I eat donuts!!

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? You just have to be true to yourself, that will never fail you. My Mom gave me this advice. She is the best mother and friend. I am so very fortunate to have her.

West coast or East coast? I love Cali but my heart belongs to NYC. I’m far too cosmopolitan to be anything but an East Coast girl.

Cat or dog? My pet fish Guillermo, he is so full of spunk and personality! He greets me when I get home, listens to my worries and gives great advice. He is also a great protector, hands down Guillermo!!

If you could do one thing differently during your time at Bellarmine it would be… I wouldn’t change a thing.

If I weren’t __crazy__ I’d be _____boring_________

The best thing about not being in college? Financial independence

What was the best thing about being in college? No hangovers (if that is an inappropriate answer then I’ll say…lessresponsibility)

Please finish these sentences:

You should never…..judge a book by its cover.

You should always……be honest, always.

I Pop Lock and Drop it….. LOW!!!!

My lifestyle is…..pretty fabulous and just keeps getting better.

On the dance floor I’m….wild!

College was……. an invaluable experience. I learned a lot, grew up a little and had a blast!

Take advantage of……what you can learn from others. The people that have been a part of my life, even if only for short amounts of time, have been my biggest resource of knowledge, wisdom and love.

Peace, love and __ flawless fashion sense.

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