Can I Get Cancer From an X-Ray? Your Top Question Answered

This question is so very common. It is understandable that someone may feel concern over developing cancer during an X-ray. The procedure gives off radiation, after all, a known cause of cancer. Yet, doctors use them every day when they need to get a closer look at a specific area of the body. Is it safe to get in for an x ray in New Jersey?

Radiation is known to cause cancer only in high doses. The amount of radiation given off during an X-ray is a very low amount. That means anyone who goes in for this procedure can do so without concern over cancer. The common procedure is performed every single day and the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Your doctor takes plenty of precautions to prevent any dangers during the X-ray. Adhere to all of his advice and relax. The x-ray team will place a shield over your body to further prevent any potential radiation effects from harming you. Although it might seem scary, doctors and medical experts know best.

x-ray in New Jersey

If a doctor tells you that your child needs an X-ray, you likely feel even more worry. The dangers of an X-ray to a child are worse than for an adult. Rest assured the doctor will use the procedure on a child when it is necessary. He always weighs the risks versus the benefits when providing an x-ray especially for kids.

Talk to your doctor about the x-ray if you have questions or concerns. He is your best line of information and can answer anything that you would like to know. You can trust the doctor to provide accurate information that puts your mind at ease. It is your health; do not take it for granted.