Steve-O, The Man, The Myth

The man on stage vigorously sprayed his hair with extra-potent hair spray while the crowd stared on curiously. Suddenly, he pulled out a lighter and held it to his head, setting his hair ablaze. While the crowd screamed, the man’s buddy walked up behind him, poured some baby oil into his mouth, and spat it at the fire. A large blast of heat shot through the theatre as flames went everywhere. The man grabbed a wet towel and placed it on his head, putting out the fire instantly before taking a bow. The audience members—still stunned—rose to their feet in wild applause as the aroma of singed hair because filled the room.

Only Stephen “Steve-O” Glover, one of the most infamous stuntmenfrom MTV’s Jackass franchise, could set himself on fire and bring an audience joy rather than panic. Sporting two black eyes, courtesy of being punched in the face by boxer Mike Tyson during the taping of the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, the 37-year-old London native arrived in Louisville, KY last weekend on another leg of his “Entirely Too Much Information” tour and delivered four nights of comedy gold to his fans at the Louisville Improv.

“I would tell you guys if I’d ever visited Louisville before, but to be honest I can’t remember!” Steve-O announced to the crowd as he dissolved into laughter.

Steve-O’s struggles with drugs and alcohol were big talking points during the show, with mentions of hookups, parties, ex-girlfriends, and stunts from those days littering his monologue. His eventual intervention, including being placed under a 51-50 by co-star Johnny Knoxville in 2008, was also a big talking point. “When Knoxville says you have a problem, you know you’ve hit rock bottom!”

The crowd cheered as Steve-O announced that he recently hit four years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, and he personally thanked his fans as the only reason he was able to hit that milestone. “I never would have thought I’d be able to travel around the world and just talk, and people would actually show up!” Steve-O remarked during one part of the show.

The slogan “Entirely Too Much Information” definitely rang true throughout the show. Audience members learned a lot more about Steve-O during the show than they probably ever thought they’d learn. A lot of that information is not appropriate to be printed on this page, but it was Steve-O’s way of bonding with his fans. Anyone who has previously watched the Jackass television show and the movies–or the spin-off shows Wildboyz and Viva la Bam–knows very well that none of the cast really has any sense of what is “too much information”, and that is one thing the fans love about them.

“Steve-O was hilarious!” raves Kasie Rogers, who attended the Thursday night showing. “My stomach hurt so bad because I couldn’t stop laughing!”

After the show, Steve-O had all of the audience members line up single-file in the hallway, and he took a picture with each of them one-by-one using his personal camera. “Cell phone cameras suck, so I brought my own!” he reasoned, also giving out autographs and hugs to fans. After the last picture was taken, Steve-O uploaded all of the pictures onto his personal website for them to be immortalized forever. “My fans mean everything to me. This is my way of saying thank you to them!”

Turns out Steve-O’s not such a “jackass” after all!

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